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Your Solutions Provider since 1931

Humphrey Printing Co, Inc. is YOUR Solutions Provider in the printing industry. As a Union Printer in Central Indiana, we promise to provide you with a high quality experience that begins with your idea and follows through until you receive your final product. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service coupled with creative design solutions.

Environmentally Conscious

The environment is very important to us and we have long been a leader in managing our business in a way that impacts the environment in a friendly and positive manner. Long before others thought to do so, we implemented the following Environmental Vision policy:

  • Virtually 100% of our paper purchases are from paper companies that harvest trees from decades old tree farms specifically planted, harvested, and replanted to provide an ongoing source of non-public paper pulp.

  • We recycle tons and tons of paper every month.

  • We use recycled papers whenever possible, and encourage others to as well.

  • We use inks and toners that are recyclable.

  • We use chemicals and solvents that are nearly 100% water soluble, bio-degradable, and recyclable.

  • We have implemented strategies to reduce our electrical consumption and to minimize the usage of all raw materials.

  • We encourage our customers to make use of our digital/online ordering, proofing, and reordering system. No need to waste precious gasoline when our services are right at your fingertips.

  • We always welcome suggestions about how we can further limit our environmental impact. Have an idea? Please give us a call.